It’s time to speak up: Embedding an effective speak-up culture within your organisation


Thursday 10th February, 2022

30 minutes (20 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A)
Debbie Ramsay, Director – GoodCorporation
Lisa Randles, Senior Consultant – GoodCorporation

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Following a successful 30-minute webinar on the topic of communicating your whistleblowing system, our two expert speakers from GoodCorporation return to focus on developing and embedding an ethical culture which encourages speaking up. During this session there is a 20-minute presentation followed by a question-and-answer session with the speakers.

This webinar explores:


What drives effective “speak-up culture” in an organisation?


Building organisational systems and processes to encourage speaking up


Practical steps to communicate and instil an effective speak-up culture



Debbie Ramsay

Director – GoodCorporation

Debbie Ramsay is a director at GoodCorporation with over 30 years’ experience working for a range of multinational organisations. She has significant experience in communications and change management and is a recognised expert on corporate culture. She has considerable expertise working with organisations on business ethics programmes, from the development of a Code of Conduct to assessing and embedding ethical behaviour.


Lisa Randles

Senior Consultant – GoodCorporation

Lisa Randles is a senior consultant and leads GoodCorporation’s work on whistleblowing. She has a background rooted in corporate communications having spent two decades driving internal and external communications programmes for companies in the US and Europe, both in-house and at a global communications consultancy.

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