Whistleblowing hotline for the public sector: meet the requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive, fast and fuss-free

Employees in the public sector are often subject to individual regulations. Digital whistleblowing hotline like EQS Integrity Line can help you to meet the requirements of the EU Directive without any hurdles by offering full compliance with all legal obligations and adapting to the specifics of the public sector.

What features should public sector whistleblowing software have?


Public sector institutions should place particular focus on the highest security and data protection requirements to ensure that sensitive report data is not accessed by third parties.


The reporting system should be tailored to the respective organisational and administrative structures and thus enable easy processing of reports.


To protect internal resources, it should be possible to supplement the whistleblowing hotline with an ombudsperson or a voice-based solution, if required.


Conducting an effective investigation into possible abuses is made much easier when the caseworker can ask follow-up questions. A digital mailbox enables caseworkers to conduct a trustworthy dialogue with the whistleblower while preserving the anonymity of the reporting person.

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There is a wide variety of different reporting channels, including mailboxes and telephone hotlines. However, web-based applications are the most effective way of meeting all requirements arising from the legislation and organisation.

With our highly secure EQS Integrity Line, we offer cities, municipalities, public institutions and authorities a solution that can be individually customised to the respective organisational structure so that you can comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive quickly and easily.