Whistleblowing in The Food Industry: How to Foster a Culture of Transparency Within Your Organization


7 June, 2023


2:00pm BST

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Jon Murthy - BRCGS
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Raphael Rokah - EQS Group
Karen Schwartz - EQS Group

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EQS is excited to partner with BRCGS, a globally recognized leader in building supply chain confidence. Together, we are dedicated to supporting companies in digitalizing their compliance processes. As a crucial step towards this, we invite you to an exclusive webinar that focuses on whistleblowing in the food industry.

Our experts will guide you through the essential aspects of whistleblowing and the influence it has in upholding ethical standards and guaranteeing food safety. 

Throughout the webinar, we will explore the best practices for reporting misconduct, explore the legal frameworks surrounding whistleblowing, and highlight the impact of the EU Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937 on food companies.

Additionally, we will shed light on various regulations that apply across different regions worldwide.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Join us and become an active contributor to promoting ethical practices within the food industry. Register now to secure your place among the vanguard of change-makers.


BRC Headshot Feb22-11

Jon Murthy

Global Head of Marketing | LGC Assure

Jon has worked in the TIC sector for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience in brand and supply chain assurance. He focuses on supporting LGC Assure’s goals of accelerating value for our customers in the food sector through solutions that are driven by science and technology.



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Raphael Rokah

Partner Success Manager | EQS Group

Raphael has been establishing partnerships for over 5 years within the IT space. His extensive understanding of mutual beneficial partnerships coincides with the bedrock of EQS Group’s values, trust and transparency. Raphael focuses on the UK, Ireland and Netherlands regions and endeavours to onboard and continually assist his partners in expanding our compliance services to their end clients.



Karen Schwartz

Marketing Manager | EQS Group

Karen is the Marketing    Manager for EQS Group    UK. Previously an SDR at EQS, she brings extensive experience in sales and marketing to her role. Karen holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and is passionate about leveraging technology to improve compliance and risk management, with a particular focus on communication and whistleblowing.

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