Whistleblowing software for large companies and corporations

Create transparency and meet the requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive:

In large global companies in particular, it is important that all employees and contractors have the opportunity to report wrongdoing without fearing negative consequences. This strengthens workers’ trust in the company and also protects against reputational damage.

For this to succeed, a reporting system is required that incorporates all hierarchy levels and departments and is communicated to all parties.

The BKMS® System can be tailored to individual corporate organisational structures and helps large companies comply with the Directive, fast and fuss-free.

Large companies and global corporations should pay attention to the following features:

Guaranteed security

When selecting suitable whistleblowing software, companies should ensure that the system is certified and auditable so as to meet the highest security and data protection requirements.

Multiple language coverage

A reporting system should be able to accept whistleblowing reports in different languages. This enables whistleblowers to submit reports in their own mother tongue and thus keeps the inhibition threshold as low as possible, something which is particularly important for internationally active companies. An additional translation function ensures that messages received are translated into the language of the person handling the report.

Country-specific data protection

When operating whistleblowing software across borders, companies must take country-specific data protection requirements and legal provisions into account. For example, anonymous reports on certain topics are not permitted in some countries. An effective solution should be able to handle this.

Constant availability

Whistleblowing software should be constantly accessible so that people can report violations - both nationally and globally.

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Our BKMS® system for large companies and corporations can be customised easily to your requirements. As certified software, it also ensures the highest possible protection of personal and report-related data.