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Whistleblowing Report 2021

A comprehensive study on whistleblowing in European companies

From the design and communication to the use and benefits of effective whistleblowing systems.

Your tool for ethical corporate governance

EQS Integrity Line is a secure, anonymous whistleblowing hotline that allows your employees to raise wrongdoing such as corruption, abuses of authority, discrimination and harassment internally before contacting the authorities or the media. The encrypted channel guarantees the highest possible protection for whistleblowers.

With EQS Integrity Line you comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. We have taken compliance to the next level and developed solutions that enable you to fully digitalise your compliance work. In doing so, you promote an open and compliant culture, create transparency and strengthen trust in your company.

We offer you the tools for ethical corporate governance.

The most popular whistleblowing hotline in Europe.

EQS Integrity Line is an EQS Group product and is used by more than 1,600 companies in over 165 countries. EQS Integrity Line is a technically advanced system that adapts to meet your requirements, as streamlined as possible and as large as you need. This is why EQS Integrity Line is available in different versions: Essential, Best Practice and Enterprise.

Over 1,600 customers worldwide trust EQS Integrity Line

What our customers say about us:

EQS Integrity Line at a glance

Data & process security

Secure hosting of your data in Germany

ISO 27001 certified and EU GDPR compliant

Granular authorisation concept in line with the need-to-know principle

Fully anonymous reporting with dialogue function

Usability & service

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Flexible case handling within the specialised department

Efficient compliance reporting through real-time statistics and dashboards with extensive search and filter functions

Comprehensive service and expert consultation

Simple and intuitive to use and accessible

Easy set up & use

Ready-to-use system with high-quality standard features

Tried and tested supporting texts, questionnaires, reporting forms, etc.

Supporting documents (e.g. templates) included

For worldwide use

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Available in over 70 languages as standard

Integrated machine translation of reports

Reference to local requirements within the system

Promoting an open and legally compliant culture

The EU Whistleblowing Directive (2019/1937) requires companies and organisations with 50 or more employees and municipalities with 10,000 or more inhabitants to install a professional and GDPR-compliant whistleblowing system.

This is designed to raise the protection of whistleblowers to a uniform level across the EU. The deadline for installing a whistleblower system varies according to the size of the company/organisation. However, there are many good reasons not to wait – it will help promote an open and legally compliant culture, build transparency and strengthen trust in your company. The EQS Integrity Line whistleblowing hotline means you can offer your employees a secure channel to raise any issues they observe internally.

EQS Integrity Line: certified secure

Our whistleblowing hotline EQS Integrity Line meets the highest standards of IT security and data protection. We prove this in regular external security audits.


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Launching a new whistleblowing hotline in your company raises many questions. What do I need to consider at the start? What mistakes should I avoid? Which stakeholders need to be involved in the process?

In our 360° workshop we work with you to identify the most important first steps for the launch of a successful whistleblowing hotline in your organisation.


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