From Misconduct to Accountability: Empowering Employees Through Safe Reporting and The New Legal Framework


28 September, 2023


11 am – 12:00 pm (CEST)

60 min
Joop Jansen - Partner in Compliance
Marije Meijer - Partner in Compliance

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Join EQS Group and Partner in Compliance this Thursday, September 28th, 2023 at 11am CEST as we delve into the intricacies of the newly introduced Dutch Whistleblowing Protection Act.

Our expert panel will meticulously dissect recent societal evolutions, shedding light on their influence. Reveal profound insights into the transformative changes this new law bring, understanding how it will impact your organizational landscape. But we won’t stop at understanding – we aim at empowering you with practical tools meticulously designed to navigate these changes seamlessly. Our mission is to ensure your compliance readiness before the law takes effect.

Don’t let these crucial modifications catch you off guard; instead, equip yourself with knowledge and strategies that will keep you at the forefront of compliance. Secure your spot now for an indispensable session that promises to shape your compliance approach.


The webinar will be conducted in Dutch

During the webinar, we will:


Explore Societal Developments: Understand the context behind the changing landscape.


Decode the Dutch Whistleblower Protection Act: We’ll break down the significant shifts ahead.


Guide You Through Our Reporting System: Get a hands-on look at how our tools can streamline compliance.



Joop Jansen

Chief Legal Officer and certified confidential advisor | Partner in Compliance

Joop Jansen is Partner in Compliance’s Chief Legal Officer. Joop has a background in the financial sector and legal profession (financial law and privacy). Joop has been trained and certified as confidential advisor, and is registered with the National Association for Confidential Advisors.





Marije Meijer

Consultant Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption and certified confidential advisor | Partner in Compliance

At Partner in Compliance, Marije Meijer works as a consultant Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption, and as (internal and external) confidential advisor. Due in part to her anthropological background, Marije is passionate about conducting research and is interested in behaviors and dynamics within societies and cultures – which she then tries to examine from various perspectives. First and foremost, Marije strives to contribute to creating and maintaining safe work cultures.

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